We use Machine Learning and Data Science to get answers from data

In the next few years Machine Learning will have a profound impact on many industries on the planet. YND's expertise can help to bring innovation to your company and products.


Our Expertise


Computer Vision

We use Machine Learning and video analysis algorithms to gain a high-level understanding from digital images, similar to that of a human. _Detecting and tracking objects, faces and gestures in images_


Natural Language Processing

NLP allows our algorithms to understand and infer meaning from human language. _Interpreting and classifying human generated content._


Deep Learning

A field of Machine Learning methods which focuses on learning data representation. _Automating recognition of features and patterns._


Data Science

One of our key interests is combining scientific methods and algorithms in order to retrieve knowledge from disorderly, raw data. _Discovering patterns in large data sets._



Activity analysis

ML can help with churn prediction and spotting suspicious activity like: Fraud detection, Money Laundering attempts, biometric spoofing attacks and phishing scams.


Adaptation and filtering

Using statistical algorithms we can allow apps to quickly adapt to new situations and implement context-sensitive, personalized filters.


Continuous improvement

As more data gets processed by production systems, Data Science can be employed to discover patterns — resulting in better predictions and improving the decision making process.


Recommendation engines

Many e-commerce and content publishing experiences can be augmented with ML-based recommendation engines specifically tailored for the brand, market and user segment.

Case studies

Cyclops – AI-powered stalking and tailgating detection app

An application developed for our partner in the intelligence and law-enforcement industry to gather data about suspicious driving. We made real-time car tracking and car identification possible with a custom-built Deep Neural Network.


butik – a new way of shopping

An automated, smart vending machine powered by computer vision. Uses a single facial recognition camera for access control and a secondary camera for inventory tracking. Product detection enabled by a state-of-the-art convolutional neural network with bounding box regression and classification.


FaceSecure – Face spoofing detection app

A lightweight library based on Apple’s CoreML technology to detect spoofing attacks: attempts to acquire someone's privileges or access rights using photo or video of the authorized person’s face. Try the app for iOS here: FaceSecure.



A fully-automated smart beer dispenser using facial recognition technology for ordering, payment and checkout. Developed in partnership with Wirecard for Digital Life Design Berlin 2017 conference.


Toxic comment classification

We regularly take part in challenges to stay on top of the industry and in fields relevant to our expertise. We participated in a challenge to identify and classify toxic comments on the Internet aimed at improving the auto-moderation features of online communities.



Quasar is dedicated analysis software that helps to predict energy demand in order to optimize power plant utilisation. YND helped to build a stochastic model for optimizing trading decisions for hydro storage systems that uses approximations of past trends and historical data.


Industries we focus on

Whether you're a multi-million dollar travel company looking to innovate or a small FinTech startup launching an app, we don't discriminate. We work with businesses of different types and sizes, and we excel in these industries:




Travel Tech





Trust is the source code for great products

We don't just build products. We also invest in building long lasting partnerships, and as a result our clients often work with us for several years. Our work goes beyond building apps, shipping products or developing hardware. Our goal is to work as an extension of our clients' team as their trusted partner of choice.

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