Embedded Software Development & Hardware Prototyping

We’re a team of experts specializing in rapid hardware prototyping and firmware development. Whether you want to build a wearable with payment functionality or just need some help with firmware debugging — we’ve got you covered.


Networking &
Telemetry Expertise



Bluetooth Low Energy 4.x and 5.0 is perfect for consumer devices integrating with iOS/Android and BLE-based mesh networking on the Edge. We specialize in programming and embedding Nordic nRF51 and nRF52 microcontrollers.



Classic WiFi is a must for on-site hardware requiring a permanent, secure connection with the cloud backend. We work with modern WiFi chips such as Texas Instruments CC3200 that can easily fit within coin-size devices and deliver excellent performance.



MIFARE & Felica tag standards are perfect for access control & smartphone communication. Our unique FinTech experience has given us the opportunity to build additional know-how around EMV payment flow implementation.



Classic office HID cards — while not as sophisticated and smart as NFC tags — are still useful for user authentication because of the established infrastructure. We offer complete 125khz integration including antenna design & testing.


Cellular networking

Thanks to advancements in cellular network rollout, LTE continues to be an excellent choice for many industrial and consumer applications such as video streaming, secure remote device control + software updates. We offer implementation and debugging of LTE deployments on Telit hardware stack.



LoRa is a new exciting standard that enables ulra-low-power, high-range communication without the extra cost of expensive infrastructure. As pioneers of this technology, we integrated LoRa on Semtech SX1272 chips in a distributed crypto processing secure messaging network.

Digital Video Processing

One of our core areas of expertise is video capture — high-resolution multi camera live processing, streaming and analysis. Over the years we have developed a custom video integration stack with a “camera for every use case” such as: low light sensitivity / high-speed capture / IR-augmented filtering. Our solutions are based on GStreamer and Video4Linux interfaces.

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PCB Design

Traditional custom PCB design is our core competence. Multilayer PCB, micro size PCB, Rigid-flex PCB — we’ve done it all. Depending on your need and market segment we’ll choose the right approach and design your board with a minimal number of iterations and corrections.

We excel in micro-scale IoT with ultra small batteries tightly integrated with PCB, optimized DC/DC converters and highly optimized in-circuit voltages.

pcb 1
pcb 2
pcb 3

Hardware Prototyping and Research

Developing hardware products is challenging and requires a different set of skills than traditional software development. Creating a physical product requires multiple iterations of conceptualisation and prototyping in order to deliver a usable solution.

In partnership with YND you can go through the complete process from idea to mass production as fast as possible. In addition to our in-house PCB/hardware design, we’re able to offer extremely fast turnover time using a network of trusted local partners providing services such as:

arrow3D printing
arrowAutomated assembly
arrowCNC aluminum milling + anodization
arrowIndustrial design validation
arrowInjection molding

If you’re looking to a develop a high-quality product we can support you during the early prototyping stages. This means a much faster and cost-effective service than traditional overseas solutions.

In the later stages of the cycle we can then transition to mass production with cost/volume estimations, logistics planning and quality assurance.

ynd device

Trust is the source code for great products

Our work goes beyond building apps, shipping products or developing hardware. Our goal is to work as an extension of our clients' team as their trusted partner of choice.

Industries we focus on

Whether you're a multi-million dollar travel company looking to innovate or a small FinTech startup launching an app, we don't discriminate. We work with businesses of different types and sizes, and we excel in these industries:




Travel Tech





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