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Introducing Brazil’s up-and-coming SME lending platform:

A big boost for small business: fast, low-cost loans from Brazil’s new SME loan startup – built and designed with YND


What we did

Web Application
MVP Development



Disrupting the lending landscape in one of South America’s most dynamic nations

In some ways, Brazilians are miles ahead of us: they’ve really embraced modern technology, rank 4th globally in terms of mobile phone uptake and don’t think twice about on-the-go online transactions. This openness and can-do spirit also extends to the Brazilian economy, where regulation has developed favourably for fintech companies and many of the country’s small businesses (projected to reach 18 million SMEs by 2022) are eager to branch out into new products, markets or specific niches. Set up by two equally enterprising young women, Dinie facilitates fuss-free growth through convenient mobile SME lending. Designed to keep barriers of entry low for borrowers, each loan or transaction is just a few clicks, taps or swipes away with bureaucracy kept to an absolute minimum: no trips to the bank, no forms in triplicate, no lengthy wait for approval. Instead, users apply for credit and manage their payments directly from their smartphone. This friction-free approach not only lowers the cost of credit, but also means that the 49% of SME loan applicants rejected by traditional banks* now have somewhere to go for credit. By focusing on this SME niche, Dinie taps into a market ripe for the taking: more and more people appreciate the latest generation of fintech’s improved speed, pricing, flexibility and customer service: Thanks to Dinie’s low-cost digital infrastructure and data-driven credit decision-making, the start-up can offer SMEs lower interest rates than regular business overdrafts or credit card providers.

dinie mobile screens

Dinie enables businesses to reach their potential

The challenge

From bright idea to serious business

When the two founders approached YND with their SME lending concept, Dinie was still in the early stages of ideation. To get the project off the ground, they needed someone who could help them refine their promising concept and turn it into a tangible, working product without breaking the bank. To streamline the process, Dinie decided to not only build up their own inhouse team, but also get a jumpstart on the competition by involving a reliable technology partner. This helps to mitigate financial risk, accelerate the platform’s time-to-market and allows them to benefit from excellent engineering and design expertise. Especially high up on their wish list: extensive fintech and loan project experience. Enter YND.

The process

All-in-one, all together

Since Dinie required the whole shebang, from concept development and web design to backend fintech finesse with plenty of scope for growth and (feature) expansion, we opted for a closely aligned back-and-forth with the two founders. Throughout the entire development timeline, they spent several weeks at the YND office, working side-by-side with our team to ensure all aspects and perspectives received fair consideration. Part of the YND all-in-one package:

  • Branding, concept and design
  • A minimalist, intuitive and product-focused landing page
  • An extremely user-friendly client web app for mobile devices with digital banking features like repayment and limit adjustment options
  • A backend middleware service on top of the Mambu Composable Banking Platform

dinie founders giving an inteview

Dinie's founders explained their vision in an interview: Andrea Burattini COO (left), Suzy Ferreira CEO (right) and journalist Patricia Travassos (centre)


“We loved the fact that this was a true collaboration – we didn’t even think of YND as an agency, but rather as a real partner. They also understood the financial constraints of an early-stage start-up and were willing to share valuable knowledge from Day One. What a pleasure to work with! ”

Suzy Ferreira

Founder & CEO, Dinie

The Technology

Built to last – and built to change

There’s a reason why many fintech successes and banking start-ups like N26 build their web applications on top of Mambu and why YND is a Mambu technology partner – the cloud-based platform has become THE go-to solution for composable banking.

dinie feature screen


Mambu cloud-based platform

Just like many big players in the field, Dinie benefits from Mambu’s agile approach, flexible set-up and solid security measures. Other tried-and-tested tech integrations include Salesforce CRM for customer, user data & loan application workflow management and alignments with partner banks.


True teamwork

For their fintech “baby”, the Dinie founders needed a partner who not only brought all the required skills and expertise to the table but one who would also treat them as equals and involve them in all steps of the development process. We, in turn, appreciated the chance to show off our rarely mentioned – but excellent -branding expertise, design chops and concept acumen, whittled into final shape via several iterative workshops with Dinie. At the same time, we ensured that the project’s economics reflected Dinie’s own start-up spirit: fast, focused & lean to keep costs low for all involved and to make Dinie a great prospect for investors. Naturally, the final result is backed by YND’s rock solid experience with MVP building and the fintech ecosystem, from typical user journeys and software solutions to security requirements and legal constraints.


Invested in investing

It’s been a true pleasure to be part of this project: from start to finish, every step of the way. But knowing the Dinie founders, this is just the beginning. And we will continue to support them wherever their vision takes them. Source: *Sebrae - O Financiamento das MPE no Brasil. ** Sebrae – Relatório Sebrae financiamento PME (2017)

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