We work with complexity, but keep things simple

From initial concept, to prototyping and user-testing, right through to full product deployment, we provide a range of services to help our clients break free from growth-hindering problems.


  • 2014


    Since then, we’ve retained over 30 clients, among them large stock-traded companies as well as many well-known start-ups.

  • 2


    We bring together the best of two worlds: creative talent from Berlin with world-class engineers from Warsaw.

  • 70+


    Balancing experience with flexibility, we have a proven record in accomplishing projects of all sizes and types.

  • 80+


    Our focused and collaborative approach works: 90% of our clients return for follow-up projects.

Our Expertise

  • 01


    Whether it's building frontends or backend services, our engineering team combines technology and domain expertise to solve almost any business problem.

  • 02


    Tackling strategic technology problems requires careful planning as well as thorough execution. We design products with a comprehensive strategy in mind from day one.

  • 03


    We cover a wide range of user-centric design services for our clients, from early sketches to pixel perfect execution.

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